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Paseo UltraSoft Luxury Tissues

Offering an UltraSoft luxury experience, 3Ply Paseo tissues deliver the UltraSoft strength, thickness and comfort you expect from a premium quality product.

The new range of infusions include Aloe Vera and Hypo Allergenic that are fragrance free, plus Shea Butter and Frangipani + Vitamin E with subtle fragrances. Paseo - Luxury without Compromise.

Selections to suit you

Available in 4 luxurious options including gentle Hypo Allergenic White, Soothing Aloe Vera, Moisturising Shea Butter, and Enriching Frangipani + Vitamin E.

3 ply softness

Indulgent 3 ply tissues for added thickness and softness.

Quality guarantee

Every PASEO product comes with our quality guarantee ensuring you get only the best product.