Paseo 360° Hypoallergenicc Luxury 3ply Recyclable Paper Pack

Innovative Paseo 360° Recyclable Paper pack has paper packaging rather than plastic and can be recycled kerbside or at your local paper recycling facilities. Paper packaging is, less durable than plastic and about 3 times the cost, but it is the right thing to do for our planet.

Paseo Hypo-Allergenic** 3 ply is double embossed, without added inks, dyes or fragrances for extra luxury on sensitive skin. It has generously thick 3ply tissue for softness, strength & absorbency. Paseo 360 is an Extra Long Roll with 360 sheets providing extra convenience for less roll changes.

Paseo toilet tissue is made from rapidly renewable fibre. We harvest every six years and replant within one year, so it’s a good choice for the environment. With a commitment to the environment, Paseo is also a foundation member of the soft plastics recycling scheme. Now you can enjoy gentle luxury without compromise.

PEFC certified toilet tissue

Made in New Zealand from imported and local materials.

*360 sheet count equivalent to 12 standard rolls

**VS Standard Paseo 180 sheet rolls

***Tested & certified ‘excellent’ on sensitive skin by DermaTest GmbH


Paseo Extra Long Roll 6pack

Available in a Hypo-Allergenic 3 Ply Long Roll 6 Pack.

3 ply softness

Generous 3 ply tissues for super strength.

Micro-Micro Emboss

Double embossed with no lamination glue.

Quality guarantee

Every PASEO product comes with our quality guarantee ensuring you get only the best product.