Environmental Commitment

The PASEO commitment to the environment

At Cottonsoft we recognise our need to be good stewards of the resources we require to conduct our business. We’ve made a commitment to being environmentally sustainable by supporting forest certification to promote a responsible approach around the world.

That’s why PASEO tissues are made from fibre sourced from renewable plantations. And the results are adding up. Here’s just some of what we and our parent company, APP, are achieving together:

  • Supporting the conservation of forests roughly equal to the size of 500,000 soccer pitches.
  • Investing around $55 million annually for community and environmental programs.
  • Planting over 200 million trees every year – more than we harvest – to contribute positively to aforestation.
  • Rejecting resources acquired from illegal logging. Supporting millions of families around the world, both directly and indirectly.
  • Using products and facilities that are 3rd party certified for safety and meet sustainable procurement standards.

What is PEFC?

PEFC is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes. It is one of the largest sustainable forest management schemes in the world and has several key goals including protection of workers’ rights, maintaining forest ecosystems and biodiversity as well as replanting and regenerating trees.

What makes PASEO PEFC certified?

  • Our product: a minimum of 70% of our material is sourced from certified (or PEFC certified), sustainably managed plantations.
  • Our factories: meet PEFC standards in the purchase, manufacture and distribution of our products.

For more information on the PEFC see http://www.pefc.org.

Rapidly Renewable Fibre (RRF)

Paseo is made with RRF. We harvest every 6 years and replant within a year, so it’s a good environmental choice.

RRF labeled products have at least 80% longfibre from fast growing hardwood trees like acacia and eucalyptus grown in warm temperate climates.