PASEO Toilet Tissues

Offering a luxurious experience, PASEO toilet tissue gives you the comfort you would expect from a premium quality product.

It has a velvety finish, generously thick 3 ply tissue and subtle quilting for extra softness. The tissue product is biodegradable and made from rapidly renewable fibre. We harvest every 6 years and replant within a year, so it’s a good environmental choice.

Now you can enjoy gentle luxury without compromise.

The right amount for your lifestyle

The right amount for your lifestyle. Available in a range of pack sizes including
8 and 12 pack Long Rolls that are 50% longer than standard Paseo rolls (270 sheets)
so you’ll always have the perfect amount, whatever your needs.

3 ply softness

Indulgent 3 ply tissues for added thickness and comfort.

Unique leaf embossing

Specially designed leaf embossing provides added strength and softness.

Quality guarantee

Every PASEO product comes with our quality guarantee ensuring you
get only the best product.

Pure Softness Dermatest Certified

Paseo toilet tissue is hypoallergenic, plus ink, dye, and fragrance free. In dermatologist tests, Paseo Toilet Tissue, including Long Roll 8’s (pictured), were certified ‘Excellent’ by panelists with sensitive skin. Dermatest GMBH, Dr Werner Voss, 10th January 2017.