Paseo UltraSoft Luxury Cleansing Wipes

UltraSoft, Thick, Luxurious and softer on skin & the environment

Add a little luxury to your daily routine. Paseo UltraSoft Luxury Cleansing Wipes are made with natural fibres and are genuinely flushable, dispersible and biodegradable.

Use Paseo luxury 3Ply toilet tissue then UltraSoft cleansing wipes for a refreshing clean feeling every day.

These big thick wipe are lightly moistened with a gentle formula that’s pH balanced suitable for sensitive skin, without alcohol, soap or fragrances.

Sourced from natural fibres

Hypoallergenic – Fragrance Free

Aloe Vera

Developed and tested in NZ, the Cottonsoft HydrocareTM mark is our guarantee of quality, ensuring they are a better environmental choice.

NZ Testing and Development

In Testing completed by CitiLab (Dunedin; April 2016) Paseo wipes disintegration rate was DOUBLE that of Sample X (Sample X is arguably the #1 selling product* in the category) *Source; Aztec IRI; NZ Grocery Market leader by $ & pack sales MAT to March 2016.

*Source; Aztec IRI; NZ Grocery Market leader by $ & pack sales MAT to March 2016.

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Slosh Box Test


The Cottonsoft Hydro Care Programme is in place to extend beyond product and packaging, to support broader communication and education objectives of community, industry and environmental partners.
The Cottonsoft Hydro Care mark is our guarantee these wipes are within predetermined quality criteria ensuring they are Ultrasoft, flushable, dispersible and biodegradable.

Criteria Include


Maximum & Minimum CDT & MDT (Cross Directional & Machine Directional Tensile Strength)
for functionality AND dispersibility plus biodegradability.


Specific moisture content levels to balance floatation vs sinking.

Stringent Quality Control

Every production batch tested in NZ.

Ongoing NZ testing

Internal QA plus independent industry experts.

‘What NOT to flush’ – informative video

A video that promotes a message about what can’t go down toilets has been launched by the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council (FGC) and Water New Zealand.

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